5 Practical DIY Tips for Improving your Home

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Improving your home is not just about enhancing its aesthetic value. It’s not all about making you and your family feel comfortable. There are more perks to that.

By improving your home, you also increase its commercial value. That means a great deal if you’re planning to stay in the house temporarily or to rent to utilize it for a short term warehouse rental. And once you decide to move, you can rent or sell the house for a much higher price.

Now, home improvement does not have to be costly or complicated. In this article, we compiled five practical tips you can apply to get going without so many hassles and things at stake. The good thing about this? You can do it by yourself or with a handful of friends.

Here we go.

Render the Paint Right

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Whenever you visit a house, do you find yourself eyeing the gorgeous pallets of professionally decorated homes?

Whether you love demure earth tones or monochrome themes, you can give a simple fix through this: paint.

So, if you want to enhance or modify the entire character stamp of a home, splash some fresh paint to your house. You can search online for modern or trending inspiration or visit the store yourself to mix and match. If not, you can also opt for traditional themes. A lot of people still appreciate and prefer olden designs as these give them cultural pride.

Changing the colors of your home is relatively cheap because most paint gallons fetch around $30.

Give your Bathroom a Refreshing Vibe

For obvious reasons, the bathroom is one of the essential parts of your home. In many cases, a beautiful bathroom can easily catch a buyer’s interest.

If you want to improve your bathroom, you must freshen up a few things. Do add a new, clean layer of grout and caulk around your bathtub, tiles, and sink. Molds, dust, and dirt can discolor these as months go by. Changing this up can significantly make your bathroom feel brighter and more rejuvenating.

You can also work on the finishes, such as the sink spout and handles, lighting, and mirror.

Add color to your Garden

When future buyers pass near a house, the first thing they’ll notice is the home’s exterior. That’s why make sure to spruce it up with some flowers and other colorful stuff.

What better way of doing that than landscaping?

Rather than hiring a professional service, you can do the landscaping yourself to significantly reduce costs but achieve the same results.

Aside from flowers, you can plant fruit trees, grasses, and vegetables. You can create a forest in your backyard. Imagine if all the flora on your garden bloom at once!

Update and add your Finishes

A lot of items in your home deserve a constant update. Cabinets, door handles, faucets, and light fixtures are some of these. You can also update advanced options such as bronze hardware, rose gold, or very sleek steel!

Take note; this tip works best for a short term warehouse rental.

Watch out for your Filters

You should not miss out on checking your filters. Doing so ensures that the air and water around are safe. Make sure to replace old air filters at least every 90 days or 60 days if you have pets.

Do also clean your vents to cut down on allergies and prevent dust from wafting around. If you want to take all these to the next level, update the filter covers. 

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